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let’s be real: you’ve got plenty on your plate, whether it’s picking up the kids and listening to details of their soccer games while navigating traffic, or rocking your awesome air-guitar solo on the way to a big meeting. and you could use some refreshment along the way. naturally flavored fruitwater® makes just the right match for your perfectly imperfect life. why? we’ve got plenty of reasons.


calories in each bottle of fruitwater® — i.e., the number of times your family get-together goes just as planned.


number of delicious flavored fruitwater® varieties. will there be more someday? quite possibly.


percent of the recommended daily value of vitamins b5 and b6, magnesium, and zinc contained in each bottle of fruitwater®.


milligrams of green tea extract contained in each bottle of fruitwater®.


the number of bubbles in each bottle of fruitwater®. also the number of times you’ve tried — and almost succeeded! — to bake that perfect soufflé. you’ll get it right. we’re sure of it.

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contains no juice