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why sparkle?

your days are filled clutter and chaos, merriment and mayhem. and somehow, you keep it together with a shrug and a laugh. and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you realize your socks are mismatched.

you know what would help then? glacéau fruitwater®.

with five sparkling, naturally flavored varieties, fruitwater® provides a perfectly refreshing break for those two minutes between helping your kids with geometry and trying to wash the dog.

but let’s back up a bit. you might have a few questions for us.

  • what is fruitwater®? it’s a delicious, refreshing, sparkling, naturally flavored drink. (do you want us to go on? because we totally could.)
  • who are we? glacéau, the makers of smartwater®, vitaminwater®, and vitaminwater zero™.
  • how many calories are in a bottle of fruitwater®? the same as the number of times you can remember what the heck the pythagorean theorem is: zero.
  • how many flavors of fruitwater® are there? five: black raspberry, lemon-lime, mango orange, strawberry kiwi, and watermelon punch flavors.
  • are you going to make more flavors? because I’ve got an idea for a great one. hold onto it — we’d love to hear it down the road.

and now the big question: who drinks fruitwater®?

fruitwater® is perfect for those rare moments of “me” time — those precious occasions during the day when you get to be alone and do your own thing. sometimes you relax and savor the moment, other times you indulge your rock-star fantasy.

fruitwater® makes these moments a little easier and makes the days a little more flavorful. it adds a little fizz — and a lot of bubbles — to just about everything.

so open a bottle. and say “ahhhhhhhhh.”